Friday, August 10, 2012

Repost: PhilHealth Benefit Packages - Case Payment Rates

This is published August 2011:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Travelling with baby

Whether we all admit it or not, we mommies tend to be excited travelling with our little one. We like them to experience and explore places with us. This is also a perfect bonding time keeping up with our babies especially for a working moms like me.

I made up a list that i think essential in travelling with them:

·         Nursery bag
·         Disposable diaper
·         Changing pad
·         Wipes
·         Disposable nipples
·         Extra bottles
·         Sanitizer
·         Head support pad
·         Stroller
·         Carrier
·         Toys

Safe travel everyone!!

Party: At Mcdonald's C5 Pasig

According to my friend, who celebrated his son birthday in Mcdo C5, here are the details.

Mcdo have a new party theme:

  1. Mickey mouse club house
  2. Disney princess.
  3. Toy story

3 mentioned themes are 3k inclusive of invitation cards, nametag, balloons, prizes, traymats for 30 kids.

Packages: all comes with drink.

P135- Spaghetti, fries and sundae
P160- Chicken, fries and sundae
P150- Spag, burger, fries and sundae
P165- Chicken, spag, fries and sundae

The last 2 mentioned packages were the one that my friend availed, branch service is good. Location is perfect for guest.

Happy prep!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Jelly Ace: My baby's comfort food

My little one starts to explore on foods, well say comfort foods :). She started to like chips, dips and jellies! Whenever shes in a terrible mood or starts to get hyper. we gave her jellies. Yes moms i know its not a good food, trouble is this jelly can put her in seating-mode.

Just like this photo:

As much as we can (yes i say we.. me, yaya and lola) we let her eat 2-3 pieces. 

Whats your baby's comfort food?