Friday, September 9, 2011

Winnie the pooh and friends: Balloon Prices at Divisoria

Since been in divisoria 3x since august, here is the price of balloons/party supplies i've checked for the 1st birthday party theme:

9inches balloons 25 pcs: 75-80 pesos
12inches balloons 25 pcs: 100 pesos
buntings: 60 pesos per pack
party hats: 20 pesos for 12 pcs
Mylar balloons: 150 pesos per dozen
Pinata: 200 pesos to 250 pesos

hope this helps!


  1. hi sis! where in divisoria can i find stores selling mylar balloons? thanks!

  2. Hi sis, right in front of divimall sa 2nd floor meron. Pati sa basement ng divimall. they can give u good price in buy in bulk.